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People of my 2010



I know it’s a little late for me to post this article as others who post the people of their year blog articles already flaunted it on the web as early as 31st of December through the 1st week of January. But due to “busyness” and to various unusual dilemmas welcoming me this year, I always forget to write about the thing I’ve always wanted to share to everyone.

I could still remember my post for the people of my year 2009 and how I didn’t finish it. Poor me. So I promised to make this one as brief as possible. I wanna finish this.

2010 has been a wild,wild year for me. It gave me a lot of experiences. I witnessed confrontations, and even experienced one of my own. I got confused on which to believe. I got scared of what will happen. I got intimated of what others would think of me if I’m not gonna be a “cool” person like what they think they are. There are people I drifted away from, and there are people whom I come to know and be closed too. People that never in my dreams had appeared to be the ones that I could laugh with everyday.



She’s one of the first persons I hanged out with right on the day of our    College Orientation Seminar. I used to think that she’s a mean girl, but it  looked like she’s the kindest person I’d ever met. If you messed up with her,  you’ll surely just receive a wide grin from her pretty face. And the best thing  I’d love about this friend of mine is her shallowness. Every time I throw a  joke,  she’s gonna laugh as hardly as she could even if that joke isn’t so funny  at all.  Which makes me think that if I’m gonna be a comedian someday, I’m  assured  that I already have a fan.

WE’RE BOTH LAME, I tell you. We kind of like hanging out together because  we have the same interests and views in life – be it about boys and  relationships. There’s one point in my life where I don’t know who’s the right  person to turn to without judging. We’d only been classmates for one semester but our friendship didn’t end there. She’s my greatest confidant last year. She didn’t leave me and I stayed beside her. The funny thing is, when we burst out our personal angst and angers and share it to each other, we become so brave – that if anyone could hear us would think that we’re the wrong girls to mess up with – but the truth is, all we can do is smile on whenever the problem or confrontation is right in front of our faces. But we’re now learning to fight you know. 😉



Since when did you become part of my life? Haha! Totally kidding! That’s what we are. We act like we hate each other. I play the role of the antagonist and he as the, well… the half- protagonist and half-antagonist. It even comes to a time where the other Voice members are wondering if we’re serious of the rude words were dashing to each other. We’re good actors eh.

Well this person is the coolest! I remember the first time I begged him to go with me to McDonald’s. We share the same addiction. Uhm… not identical though. He loves eating, I love Twister Fries and McFloat. During that first time I hang out with him, I discovered how fun to be with this human being. I might have been a silent person at times, but if you’re with this guy, you surely can’t keep your mouthg shut as he’s sort of having this power on encouraging you to say whatever your opinion is. I can even say that I Hate Him and vice versa. And we will just laugh after. No hard feelings, anything for fun.

I am really lucky to have a close friend like Dean even if sometimes all I could do is to say “Yeah” to all the out-of-my-world stuffs that he’s sharing!  One last message, I was so happy to see him barfing out the egg yolk that he drunk during our Christmas party. haha!


#3 Voice Fam 🙂

Imagine yourself alone in an  island.  No friends and no loved ones to pamper  your lonesomeness. And the only thing that you can  run into is the available item in that island could offer, a tree full  fruits. Each fruit has unique quality. At first sight, you’ll  afraid to grab those fruits and taste them as all of them  are quite intimidating. You don’t know which fruit is  the right one for you. So you waited for any one of  them to fall, your indication that they that the fruit is right for you. And just as when you sit under that tree,  you’re surprised when all of the beautiful and  healthy fruits fell almost at the same time. And the last  thing you know is that you suddenly forgot to think  about having nothing in that island because the tree  provides you exactly the amount of happiness you need to ease the  pain and nostalgia.

That’s what my Voice fam is as represented by the  tree. Early 2010, I joined the publication. And because  during that time, I don’t know where else to go because  I’m alone, I swallowed my extreme shyness and stayed  in the Voice office even though I barely know them. They’re complete strangers to me. I didn’t have a choice.

At first, I was afraid to talk to them. All I could think  was, “Woah! These people are very witty and  they’ve known each other for too long now! What  should I say?!” But first impressions don’t always last nor they are always true. The voice members are worth spending my vacant hours with.

And just this school year, when I got completely behind from my former group of friends’ sides, it didn’t take a lot harder for me to adjust into a new environment. I became close to almost all of the old members of the pub, I get to know new members and laugh with them, I learned a lot from them when it comes to music, Hollywood series & movies, books, etc. Even the awkward yet true things like when is the right time for a woman to have sex and what’s the difference of kissing thick lips from thin lips are our topics! And if you will combine Princess Bersales‘s, Dean Bogador‘s, Kirk Nerona‘s and Angela Villareal’s voices, it would be like your watching and listening to a debate of intelligent attorneys/comedians/frustrated former and current nursing students! NO matter how hard you try to focus on the book you’re studying, you can’t because there seems to be a magnetic force attracting you to join their convo. It’s either, you go outside or talk with them. But these people are pretty cool. What I’m sure is, you can’t get out of the small door without cracking up on their hysterical talent of telling a story. haha!

You can count on these people!  Also include Ate Joanne Valentos, Ate Carlene Demanarig, Gerome Beliran, Kristoff, Frances Baja, Julius Cura and Valerie Osuna on the list of Voice members you can share a conversation with. 😉



I’m kind of reluctant about including him in this list. Because first, this guy would surely just laugh. Second, all he would do is to comment lame things and would try to contradict everything that I say. Testing my patience is where he gets his happiness. And thirdly, he would think that this is just another stupid post of mine and he wouldn’t appreciate it at all. lol.

But despite all the reasons why I should not include him in the people of my year, I would be too unfair if I’m not going to share the positive side of him and what he had been to my life last year.

Regi and I were not really that close when we were in high school. I used to hate him but at the same time love him for being such a good comedian whenever we do stageplays. He made it easier for me as the director of most of our plays.

Not until we stepped into college. It’s such a surprise that I found myself sharing my problems to this person despite the risks of seeing him laughing at me. Well, he does sometimes though, but after all, he listens. He’s like my best friend then whenever I want a guy friend to listen to me. I can’t do that with Verwin ‘coz somehow, I’m not comfortable telling him my girly stuffs. As well as with Karlo, he doesn’t witness everything, ergo, he can’t give any reasonable comments on whatever I say. So no choice, all I can turn to is Regi. haha… kidding.

But honestly, Regi has been such a good friend. I can’t believe that a jerk like him could be serious sometimes and could stand my girly stories. He motivates me as well. Like last year, he was there when everything else fell down, he was there to listen and had shared to me bible verses and his Philosophical views in life. I was kind of inspired though, even if I’m not really convinced if he’s sincere about those bible verses. It might be true, he’s not a gentleman. He treats me like a guy. But anyway, I’m kind of learning how to avoid that treatment. lol.


#5 BRU-ICE-WAKA (Infinit Gals)


Haha! Name it. That’s what we feel. These are the three girls I’m spending most of my time with whenever I’m at school. I meant it when I said, “Walang araw na hindi ako tumawa pag kasama ko kayo. Infairness!” I used to be intimated by these homo sapiens. They’re like the kinds of mean girls I saw on my favorite chick flick movies. I was so bound with the idea that they could be my friends, maybe, but not as close as what I had with my high school girlfriends. But poof! I’m wrong again.

Here’s a secret, Bru –Razille Cabalfin– is a masochist! haha… Anyway, the truth is, she’s one of the best people I’ve met when I got into college. She’s stubborn actually. But she acts like a mother. She scolds me whenever I become weak; she tells me to cheer up despite everything that I’m going through; she listens to every anger that I’m excreting. You might think that she’s just another petite like me, but when it comes to fighting for herself and what she’s thinking is right, she’s way better than me. She’s very outspoken. I’m learning from her somehow. But I love this girl. If not because of her, it could have been hard for me to move on from my problems. She sticks with me for the past two semesters until now.

And meet my Ice – Caryl Tan and my Waka – Clarice Tan! We were classmates during the 1st semester last school year and for two semesters this school year. Another secret, they’re not twins. Really. THEY. ARE. NOT. RELATED. AT. ALL. hahaha!

We always bump on each other before, we always meet at the Voice office, we are classmates in most of our subjects but we never had the chance to share long hours together back then. We’re like we know each other but we were not friends. But an incident changed it all. It’s when out of curiosity, we went out and grab some 2.5% with alcoholic content drink named “Infinit”. I could still remember how excited are these two to drink the margarita. And me? Well, I won’t deny, I was excited to taste it again too. We’re like birds who had escaped from our cages ready to try something new on a higher level! lol. So that’s where everything we had now started.

The “Ice” came from a delicious drink Caryl and I shared on a noon break. We’re both broken then but for different reasons. I love it when I make fun of her. *evil smile… But honestly, she’s one of a kind. She’s really caring and sweet to everyone. No doubt why a lot of boys are distracting her. haha… And when I’m with her, she acts more like my grandma! haha… She’ll tell you to do this, drink a lot of water, blah-blah-blah. The top three things we have in common now are: 1. We’re both Single. 2. We both love Mario Maurer and 3. We miss riding recklessly on the scooter!


Kamina-mina-eh-eh! Waka-Waka-Waka-eh-eh! Waka! It started with that song. She was trying to throw this joke on me and all I could say was “huh? Ano raw?”. Then she started singing that song of Shakira and well, I laughed though. I laughed not because of her punchline but because all she knew was the 1st two lines! Oh my Gee! One of the failed jokes I’ve heard! haha… So few days after that, Clarice and I called each other WAKA. If Caryl brings the girly side of me, Clarice, on the other hand, brings out my old boyish persona. It’s like, I don’t have to pretend to be anyone else. I can dance and sing whenever I want. I can hit those notes incorrectly without having to worry about what others would think. She and Caryl would sing with me as stupid as we could. Then after that, we laugh at each other’s foolishness! As easy as that our day is complete! And Razille watching us would just laugh. That’s always her role. lol.

Now I’m completely a better person; a complete person perhaps. I have good friends, everyday is filled with fun and exciting things, I’m stronger and a fighter in my own way, and always motivated and inspired by the good and bad things happening in my life.

May this year would be a better one. And I’m still so looking forward to spend time with these people. 🙂


2011 New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year 2011 everyone!
I’d been planning to write or formulate my new year’s resolution since yesterday before the awaited 2011 would say “Hello” to all of us.
But unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance or should I say I lost the thrill of thinking about it ‘coz first, I always write resolutions for the past 3 years but I realized that I’m only good at doing them for the first few weeks of the year. I forget and neglect them after. Second, I wasn’t sure if the idea of having a new year’s resolution is still worth it or just another waste of time. And lastly, last night wasn’t the best time to think about giving up some things and start on a new life this year. What happened last night wasn’t the best year-ender in my opinion. I doubt if the first days of this year would be kind to me. What a sad reality for someone INNOCENT like me. haha!

Anyway… still, I end up posting this. I don’t know if posting it online would make a difference from just writing it on my 5-year old journal. I am not losing the hope though.

So, I wanna share my new year’s resolution. If in case you’ve read it and you would see me doing the opposite of what I’ve posted here, please, I’m begging you to remind me that I used to have a covenant that could be discovered by millions of people around the world. It’s my integrity that is at stake here. Please.

1. Start a Charity Group for the Home for the Aged (Gensan)

Well uh… I planned to create a charity group to help our poor and abandoned oldies living at the Home for the Aged. I realized how much those grannies had touched me whenever I come to visit there. And I swear, if you come there, you won’t leave that place without shedding even just a single tear from your eyes. You will even hate their relatives for sending them there.

This plan was supposed to be done before the Christmas day but due to lack of time and planning, I decided to do it this year before the school year ends on March. Hopefully this would happen. I already have few friends who compromised to join me on my plan. Ergo, what I only have to do now is to setup an appointment with the facilitators there, set a perfect schedule for everyone, ask for more donations and members and create a plan on how to make the grannies become happy at least for a few hours.

If you want to put a smile on their faces too, feel free to join me on my advocacy. 🙂

2. Study hard. Read more books. Focus.

Okay. So this is absolutely the hardest resolution I’ve ever promised to myself. Why? I always write it every year, but I don’t feel like I’m doing my best to practice it. It’s really hard to read textbooks especially if they are related to accounting. Err… I termed them as my sleeping pills actually, they’re even better. The problem with me is that I only become enthusiastic when the examination week is just a few days away. And I’m still struggling with that. Wooh! Procrastination is to blame.

Right now, I have two accounting subjects. And even though accounting isn’t my first love, I still have to pass the subject/s for me to establish the first step to reach my original goal.  Hmmm… I can do this. Help me.

3. Be PRODUCTIVE everyday.

This means, I have to lessen facebook-ing, chatting with my so-called online friends, and looking at my laptop as I wait for new tweets or comments. Damn! I have to be productive. Like, I can use the internet not for wasteful sites but for the sites which will pay me. Or, I can also spend my free hours looking for jobs online posts and apply so I will have more chances of getting a job. I can also finish reading a novel for a day. At least through that, I can enhance my vocabulary as well as my creative ideas (if there is). Right?

Hmmmn… I can also write a chapter of my own novel! Or, post a new topic on my blog to keep it alive (even though I know I’m the only one reading it…hahaha). Or, I can watch tutorials on how to use Adobe softwares,etc., things like that so I can be self-actualized. haha

4. Start acting MATURELY.

My mom says, I’m already 19 but I still play with kids and stuff. haha… What’s the problem with that? However, I get her point now. I have to think more mature this year. Gawd… I’m just 10 months and 10 days away to my teenage year exit. As much as I want to be a child and as playful with my kid cousins, I have to be a lady now like what my name implies. Lessen the silly moments with kids, end the boyish gestures if possible and start doing ladylike stuff. haha… Even if I don’t know how to start with and worst, where to start with.

5. End the no-to-suitors-or-boyfriend law.

Haha… You may find it stupid and desperate but it’s absolutely not the latter. Last year, and last last year, I included the no-to-suitors-or-boyfriend law in my new year’s resolution. Stupid right?

But you know what, I kind of regret making that law. ‘Coz I think, if there’s one resolution that God wants to intervene in order for it to be fulfilled, it’s that thing. That’s why, I don’t know if I’ll be proud or ashamed to admit this, I’m still single until now. Almost all the girls I know already have experiences of having their first boyfriend, kiss, official date,etc. May it be the weirdos, nerdy, beautiful, conservative or boyish girls. All of them had gone through it. But me? Out of place. haha!

But I tell you, most of those girls ask me for love advices. Ironic as it is but I don’t know why I can give such suggestions and solutions. Is watching romantic-comedy movies has something to do with it?

Anyhow, I’m officially ending this law now. And I hope it’s not too late. I also should better stop being a perfectionist, you know. I have to stop the prince charming or the knight in shining armor concepts in my mind. There is no such man. Or is there?

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