2011 New Year’s Resolution

Happy New Year 2011 everyone!
I’d been planning to write or formulate my new year’s resolution since yesterday before the awaited 2011 would say “Hello” to all of us.
But unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance or should I say I lost the thrill of thinking about it ‘coz first, I always write resolutions for the past 3 years but I realized that I’m only good at doing them for the first few weeks of the year. I forget and neglect them after. Second, I wasn’t sure if the idea of having a new year’s resolution is still worth it or just another waste of time. And lastly, last night wasn’t the best time to think about giving up some things and start on a new life this year. What happened last night wasn’t the best year-ender in my opinion. I doubt if the first days of this year would be kind to me. What a sad reality for someone INNOCENT like me. haha!

Anyway… still, I end up posting this. I don’t know if posting it online would make a difference from just writing it on my 5-year old journal. I am not losing the hope though.

So, I wanna share my new year’s resolution. If in case you’ve read it and you would see me doing the opposite of what I’ve posted here, please, I’m begging you to remind me that I used to have a covenant that could be discovered by millions of people around the world. It’s my integrity that is at stake here. Please.

1. Start a Charity Group for the Home for the Aged (Gensan)

Well uh… I planned to create a charity group to help our poor and abandoned oldies living at the Home for the Aged. I realized how much those grannies had touched me whenever I come to visit there. And I swear, if you come there, you won’t leave that place without shedding even just a single tear from your eyes. You will even hate their relatives for sending them there.

This plan was supposed to be done before the Christmas day but due to lack of time and planning, I decided to do it this year before the school year ends on March. Hopefully this would happen. I already have few friends who compromised to join me on my plan. Ergo, what I only have to do now is to setup an appointment with the facilitators there, set a perfect schedule for everyone, ask for more donations and members and create a plan on how to make the grannies become happy at least for a few hours.

If you want to put a smile on their faces too, feel free to join me on my advocacy. 🙂

2. Study hard. Read more books. Focus.

Okay. So this is absolutely the hardest resolution I’ve ever promised to myself. Why? I always write it every year, but I don’t feel like I’m doing my best to practice it. It’s really hard to read textbooks especially if they are related to accounting. Err… I termed them as my sleeping pills actually, they’re even better. The problem with me is that I only become enthusiastic when the examination week is just a few days away. And I’m still struggling with that. Wooh! Procrastination is to blame.

Right now, I have two accounting subjects. And even though accounting isn’t my first love, I still have to pass the subject/s for me to establish the first step to reach my original goal.  Hmmm… I can do this. Help me.

3. Be PRODUCTIVE everyday.

This means, I have to lessen facebook-ing, chatting with my so-called online friends, and looking at my laptop as I wait for new tweets or comments. Damn! I have to be productive. Like, I can use the internet not for wasteful sites but for the sites which will pay me. Or, I can also spend my free hours looking for jobs online posts and apply so I will have more chances of getting a job. I can also finish reading a novel for a day. At least through that, I can enhance my vocabulary as well as my creative ideas (if there is). Right?

Hmmmn… I can also write a chapter of my own novel! Or, post a new topic on my blog to keep it alive (even though I know I’m the only one reading it…hahaha). Or, I can watch tutorials on how to use Adobe softwares,etc., things like that so I can be self-actualized. haha

4. Start acting MATURELY.

My mom says, I’m already 19 but I still play with kids and stuff. haha… What’s the problem with that? However, I get her point now. I have to think more mature this year. Gawd… I’m just 10 months and 10 days away to my teenage year exit. As much as I want to be a child and as playful with my kid cousins, I have to be a lady now like what my name implies. Lessen the silly moments with kids, end the boyish gestures if possible and start doing ladylike stuff. haha… Even if I don’t know how to start with and worst, where to start with.

5. End the no-to-suitors-or-boyfriend law.

Haha… You may find it stupid and desperate but it’s absolutely not the latter. Last year, and last last year, I included the no-to-suitors-or-boyfriend law in my new year’s resolution. Stupid right?

But you know what, I kind of regret making that law. ‘Coz I think, if there’s one resolution that God wants to intervene in order for it to be fulfilled, it’s that thing. That’s why, I don’t know if I’ll be proud or ashamed to admit this, I’m still single until now. Almost all the girls I know already have experiences of having their first boyfriend, kiss, official date,etc. May it be the weirdos, nerdy, beautiful, conservative or boyish girls. All of them had gone through it. But me? Out of place. haha!

But I tell you, most of those girls ask me for love advices. Ironic as it is but I don’t know why I can give such suggestions and solutions. Is watching romantic-comedy movies has something to do with it?

Anyhow, I’m officially ending this law now. And I hope it’s not too late. I also should better stop being a perfectionist, you know. I have to stop the prince charming or the knight in shining armor concepts in my mind. There is no such man. Or is there?

Another five on my list. Promise I’ll make this fast…

6. Exercise.

7. Sleep earlier after tonight.

8. Spend wisely. As much as possible, avail sales. haha

9. Try to be on time always from now on.

10. Stay away from Negative Forces as much as possible. 😀

What you think?



  1. Joe Ndzulo Said:

    Interesting list of resolutions. I hope you’ll be able to stick to them. Can you explain resolution #10?

    • chiq10111 Said:

      wow. Thanks for reading my blog. Well, my resolution #10 is about negative vibes. Just so you know, I got some haters lately so instead of wasting time on giving them attention, I’d rather stay away from them and live my life. 😀

      So, do you wanna be my blogging buddy? 🙂

      • Joe NDZULO Said:

        Yes I’d like to be your buddy. Fortunately, I’m also Post a Week, so we can push each other.

        51 posts left to publish. 🙂

      • chiq10111 Said:

        hehe… wow. thanks.
        so how are we gonna do it? I’m really new to this blogging,etc. lol.

  2. Joe NDZULO Said:

    I have created a page on my blog on which you can leave comments tips and suggestion that will help me go through the challenge. kind of white board. I suggest you do the same with your blog.

    This page could serve to motivate each other to write and make the 51 posts left.

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